Butler Productions and Marketing
Butler Productions and Marketing
Now Producing all types of Videos
Types of Videos we are now producing:
  • Corporate Videos
  • Commercials for TV/Internet
  • Practical Jokes,  Pranks,, etc.
  • Skits, Sketch Comedy,  Celebrities, etc.
  • Music and  Training or Promotional

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Now filming videos for our You Tube
Channel!  Hopefully one of them will
Go Viral!
Marketing & Advertising Specialists
We now post Tweets
for businesses for as
little as $95.00 per
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New Year's Kissing Card Trick
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The Most Popular Videos for your Viewing Pleasure
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Who would you rather Kiss, Tim or Tom
Popular Videos
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Funny Video Page or the Magic/Kissing Page!
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The Old Tom
Part of the Makeover Tom received on June 5th.  
Salon & Spa 5th Ave will be doing most of the work
on the Actors and entertainers for our TV Show!
After the Makeover
Who would you rather Kiss, Tim or Tom
Commercials Produced by Tom Butler
Call us now if you know any companies that
might want to be a part of our 13 TV Shows!  
The Tao Beach Show is looking good also!!!
The Wonder Twins from AGT
I am thinking...God, please give Tim a new brain!!
Tim is thinking...
God, please help me to not say the wrong things in
critical moments!  Like at the AGT Competition
The Tao Beach Boogie by the Wonder Twins
Tom  singing Smooth and She Bangs with Applause added Digitally...
Basically what all producers do in your favorite Sitcoms, that what keeps
you watching!  It is not Rocket Science, we can even make Tim seem funny!
This is the Dance Routine Tim and Tom performed at the AGT Competitions back
in 2011!  They got paid to dance for the patrons at the incredible Tao Beach in
Las Vegas, an Adult Pool for people who don't mind spending lots of money to
have fun!!  $200.00 for a Lounge Chair for the day!!!
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Special Offer
Actresses from TMG available
for your Video/Commercial
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Who would you rather Kiss, Tim or Tom
Makeover Pictures
The India Oven 30-second Commercial
Tom Butler has produced over 100 Videos, some of which are:
Commercials for Television
Training Videos
Corporate Videos
Music Videos
Butler Productions and Marketing is a video
production company specializing in corporate
videos, marketing videos, instructional videos, web
commercials and non-profit promotional videos.

We also help businesses with Marketing on the
Internet through Comcast, Fox 13 TV, KSL.com, etc.

Our goal is to convey any vision or idea through the
production of high-quality, cinematic video artistry.
We value our clients and will always strive to offer
the best service and value for high-quality video
and media productions services.
Now in Pre-production of a TV
Show  similar to the hit shows:
-Yard Crashers
-  Love it or list it
-Property Brothers
-Kitchen Cousins, etc.
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Join our Winning Team
Spark, a song about Kisstixx Lip Balm
Written and performed by Tom Butler, music by Alex Butler
Some of our Clients are:
Nexus IT- Nexus IT Consultants
provides superior
computer/networking and
technical consulting services.
(read more).
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